Monday, December 24, 2007

Twas the night before Christmas.............

and in the house,
Someone won't shut up,
And it isn't a mouse!

Unexpected guests stopped by. At least only one is annoying. Unfortunately, she's the reigning Queen of annoying. I said that I had a few minutes of work to finish. A fib.....yes. Does it bother! They are the relatives of"She Who Must Be Obeyed". As such,her headache. I guess that I can't hide any longer, I need to go be polite (why?).

To any & all Season's Greetings.

Now it's time to go back for a bit of "Cheers"

The art isn't mine

The image is from a December 1957 issue of McCall’s magazine. They told the story of Walt Disney’s Christmas Carol, a slightly different take on the Dickens’ classic. Its main character was a mouse.