Tuesday, December 13, 2005


is a very interesting thing. From one point of view, the world looks nuts! From another, one is terrified at what one reads. With some, you want to doze. Then there is me........I'm zipping along, looking for material to work from. Not taking any event or description, it's simply that something I read can spark the imagination. Two blogs that I have posted to, have nothing to fear (I don't think that was worded correctly, but who cares!). I will not pull any material from their blogs, for the purpose of creating any cartoons. After all, they have allowed my off centre sense of humour into their world. For that, I owe them something in return........unless they say otherwise.
My run back home for lunch was worth it....sort of. In the mail, I rec'd one turn down (what a surprise, only one!), one returned/damaged envelope of destroyed drawing (copies happily). I would do cartoons about the Post Office, but right now I can't think of anything humourous about them!. And one we are going to keep you on file, and " By the way, could you do something like..........., for next week!" I had to tele the editor and ask, "Did you expect me to say, NO?". Let's see, rough ideas on coffee stained napkins done (I wonder how many other people do roughs on napkins?), lunch hour over. Damn, time for my return to making myself mad as the hatter, aka work!


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thanks for being so kind. :)

Pixel and I would make awful characters anyway.. ;)

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